Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making Hair

Making doll hair can be easy if you follow these few very simple steps.
First, wrap your yarn, floss, or whatever medium you choose around a piece of cardboard cut to the width you want when both sides are added together. Let's say you want your doll to have hair 5" long. Cut the board 5" wide, wrap medium around til you have a good portion to work with that will cover her head. Remove from board, cut the loops and lay flat on a piece of tissue paper or light weight paper.

Place another piece on top, pin .

Find the center of your hair, and sew down the papers, using a stitch length between 1 and 2. Go back and forth about 3 times, being sure to stay on the seam. Be sure to use a thread and tissue paper color that matches your dolls hair! The green here was used for demonstration.

The top piece of tissue will come right off, then remove the bottom piece.

Your dolls hair is ready to be glued or tacked down. Easy, and very secure!

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